Instant mobile transactions

Making it easier than ever to engage and interact with your customers is a system which allows your businesses to process one-click B2B transactions from any printed surface...posters, billboards, magazine ads, kiosk type displays...anything! Accessible utilizing both QR codes and mobile NFC, XOVOX (zoh-vocks) extends your ability to engage and transact.

Is your business ready for 2014?

The reality is, by 2014 the mobile internet will finally over take desktop internet users. With the introduction of tablet PCs, wired televisions and smart phones, it is a fact, the future of business is not in front of a clunky desktop terminal. More and more marketing, lead generation and business transactions are happening from outside the office, on a mobile device. Companies able to understand and adopt this reality today will have a distinct advantages over companies choosing to play catch up down the road.